Scott has enjoyed creating new and innovative shapes within our garden at Old WesleyDale from the classic topiary design and techniques to freeform naturalistic pruning inspired by a workshop in the UK with master craftsman Jake Hobson-”The Art of Creative Pruning”. Join the course to find out how “wielding the pruners is fun” !

We currently have a number of events available through 2016.

Mole Creek Valley gardens weekend

26th – 27th November 2016

Old WesleyDale garden

Art works by renowned wildlife artist Rachel Lewis will be on exhibition in the old barn. Prints and canvases for sale.

Marakoopa café garden

Live Music each day and café ideal for lunch, morning or afternoon tea…


Renowned garden. Nursery plants for sale…

Blackwood park gardens

First time open to the general public- parkland style garden, rock walls abound, beautiful English greenhouse and vegetable garden and much more…

Come visit the valley. Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm $8 per head (children free) for each garden