English Garden

A peaceful English garden abounding with hedges and walls, productive potager, lovely vistas drawing from borrowed natural landscapes. Our garden had its beginnings in 2001. It was a haphazard planting of hellebores, a few roses and hydrangeas. What we did have were some wonderful established trees, the surrounding built heritage and a splendid landscape.

The hedges are an important element in our garden design. It all started with the double planting of Pittosporum ‘Limelight’, behind English Box. Hedges of R. rugosa, hornbeam, elderberry and Virburnum define different areas of the garden. The Lonicera ‘nitida’ Elephant hedge has been sculptured over five years and continues to grow and change. Our hawthorns, established in the 1840′s, are the hedges in the wider landscape, some recently ‘laid’ in the traditional ‘Midlands’ style, while others have been coppiced.

The walled garden is a favourite having been formed a few years ago with the construction of a wall. This has given us warm areas for vegetable growing.

Beyond this garden, another area has recently been created with more walls, that incorporates the ‘hen house’, a picking garden and newly constructed glasshouse.

Formerly a horse paddock, the terrace garden was excavated and laid out two years ago, amidst a young planting of birch trees. Hydrangeas, virburnums, roses, dahlias and perennial plantings are overlooked by forty Ranelagh crabapples.

The Ha Ha is the predominant sculptural element in the garden and serves as an invisible barrier between the stock paddock and the garden while drawing in the natural borrowed landscape. It was constructed over four years from basalt and dolerite rock found on the farm. The ‘heron’ in its tortured willow nest sits quietly while ‘native hens’ in full flight run across the front lawn.